Dear Fans, Friends, Supporters and Lovers of Theatre,

As many of you have no doubt noticed, Syzygy has been missing from the Los Angeles theatre scene for some time now, and we apologize that no information has been posted or emailed to let you know where we stand.

Throughout its history Syzygy has struggled to provide not only the highest possible level of performance to our audiences, but also to provide our artists with the best support and rewards we could.  And with your help we managed to do that for eight wonderful years, 11 amazing productions and countless readings of exciting new works. However, the economic realities of the past few years finally ground our ability to produce to a virtual stand-still.

But not to fear...during this quiet time the Syzygy board has been working to chart a new course for the company that will return us to the stage ASAP.  In the meantime, keep checking this space and continue to support the arts!

Looking forward to seeing you at theatre again soon.

Katherine and Martin Bedoian 
Managing and Artistic Directors